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uMR Omega (3T)

Think Big

uMR Omega (3T)

The uMR Omega™ is designed to break traditional boundaries without compromise. Regardless of the sizes of patients, the revolutionary 75cm, ultra-wide bore could better address patients' condition, greatly boosting your clinical confidence and broadening your clinical capabilities. As we look toward the future, the ultra-wide bore doesn't just provide a unique, patient-centric experience, but also benefits MRI simulation for radiation therapy treatment planning, or even intraoperative MRI.

Revolutionary Ultra-wide Bore
Unprecedented Patient Experience
Improved productivity and Enhanced Energy Efficiency
Unparalleled AI for Imaging
Expanded Access for Your Community
Boundless Clinical Scenarios

uAIFI Inside

Empowered by the uAIFI Technology Platform, the potential for uMR Omega™ is even more anticipated with significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and improved user experience.
ACS (AI-assisted Compressed Sensing) is United Imaging's exclusive MR acceleration solution to best balance speed and image quality, combining CS, HF and PI and innovatively introducing the state-of-the-art deep learning neural network as the AI module into the reconstruction procedure. It empowers users to achieve either improved image quality without prolonging imaging time, or reduced imaging time without sacrificing image quality -- allowing more complete examinations while enriching radiologists' confidence and enhancing patient comfort.

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