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Medical Planning and Design

SYNAPSE provides a comprehensive set of services to serve the Qatari market in the healthcare sector, From design and planning to project management & execution. SYNAPSE helps its customers realize that their projects meet the standards and guidelines.


We help you make right decisions when planning your health care facility. Whether it is a new design, or a design to be reviewed. SYNAPSE can help you plan your project the right way.


SYNAPSE team has extensive experience within the healthcare field including backgrounds in healthcare administration, bio-medical engineering, medical equipment planning, and architectural design of healthcare facilities.


SYNAPSE contributes to the design of medical facilities from an end user perspective as well as from a professional perspective.


Our involvement begins at the early stages of a medical project starting at the planning and programming stage and carries through the design process to ensure that clinical requirements drive the solutions and remain the centric focus throughout the project phases


We maintain a database that contains a comprehensive library of medical equipment items to ensure that the architectural and engineering design team has the details required for a fully coordinated project. This involvement helps to insure the specific requirements of the medical equipment systems and facility layout, as well as ensuring that compliance with the necessary codes and criteria are met to provide a state-of-the-art healthcare facility.

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