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Fit-out and Construction

Project Management, Consultancy and execution


SYNAPSE provides full project management, consultancy service and execution.


SYNAPSE sets the highest standards in formulating design parameters and in construction, supervision and execution.

At SYNAPSE we believe in "Doing things right from the first time". From our experience, we noted huge wastage in resources due to repeated tasks as a result of not doing them right from the first time. This results in time delays as well as financial losses. Many reasons lead to rejected work that eventually has to be redone; however, a main reason is the lack of experience of the professionals involved, and the weak awareness of the comprehensive cycle of a project.


We address this issue with our internal processes to assure quality work and by our strict and selective approach when assigning our team to a project. We always make sure to assign the right professional to the right task, and we always make sure that we have the right amount of resources.


(We simply don't jeopardize the quality of our work)

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