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HVAC systems for medical facilities are typically quite sensitive projects. Of course, thermal comfort is important, just like in any comfort cooling applications. But hospitals also require safety for both patience and personnel occupying the building, and cooling for equipment such as MRI machines or lasers.


Requirements in HVAC systems for medical facilities

HVAC systems for the healthcare sector require a somewhat different approach than other applications. That is because of the needs that are specific to the application.


But what do medical facilities exactly need?

Medical facilities need HVAC system that can ensure health, safety and comfort of patients as well as medical and administrative personnel and visitors. Other than that, medical facilities must filter airborne contaminants, help get rid of bacteria that can spread infections, and provide conditions in which medical procedures, laboratory work, patient treatment and healing activities in general can be performed safely and effectively.

Typical challenges

A typical challenge facing an operating room is that the patient may suffer an infection during the operation.

Another challenge is to create a comfortable work environment, as thermal comfort preferences differ considerably between individual surgeons, anesthetists, and patients.

Also, the operating room is often full of equipment, which can disrupt the flow of people and the airflow in the room. That, in turn, can have negative effects on air cleanliness or the surgery area.

Disinfection blue light

Halton, the technology leader in ultra clean ventilation systems, integrates disinfection blue light to eliminate microbes from surfaces while being 100% safe for the staff and patients.

With the cooperation with LED Tailor company, Halton created the Halton Vita OR Space ventilation solution for operating rooms with disinfection blue light integrated with the diffusers. Halton Vita OR Space is the solution that ensures ultra clean conditions in the whole operating room, which brings cleanliness in the OR, flexibility of using the space, and comfort for the staff. The new system has been enriched with blue light benefits that disinfect the space during non-working hours. Disinfection blue light system integrated with the diffusers, killing microbes the way that is easy, safe for people, does not promote antimicrobial resistance – and can significantly reduce the risk of surgical site infections (SSI).


The benefits of the disinfection blue light system

The disinfection blue light system is an ecological and chemical-free solution, so it generates zero waste. It is safe for people. The solution is automatic, easy to use, and does not require any labor. It also means that the disinfection result is consistent – every time, it gives the same performance. The solution is based on LED devices with a long lifetime, at least 50 000 hours, i.e., 11 years of normal use with no maintenance during this time. The great advantage of disinfection blue light solution is that it does not promote antimicrobial resistance.

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