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Formomat® PL

Modern technology combined with high cost effectiveness

Formomat® PL

The Formomat® PL is characterized by its high quality, reliability, a user-friendly MMM smart HMI with touchscreen and, last but not least, its visual appearance. Three verified standard programs (55, 60, 75 °C) guarantee a gentle and safe sterilization process that is also highly efficient.

Exceptional performance matched with high cost effectiveness make the Formomat® PL an attractive machine for your RUMED. The Formomat® PL achieves a favorable total cost of ownership in all areas. The MMM LTSF sterilizer is not only well worth its (comparatively low) price, it also cuts down on operating and organizational costs. For instance, the costs of the agent (formaldehyde solution) and for replacement and wear and tear parts are very low. The ability to use commercially-available paper/film packaging material impacts very positively on the overall costs.

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