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uCT 960+ (640 slice)

Attainable Intelligence.Simply Masterful.

uCT 960+ (640 slice)

As an ultra-premium 640-slice CT scanner, uCT 960+ features 16 cm z-axis detector coverage, 0.25 s rotation speed, an ultra-wide 82 cm bore, and a 700 lbs. table weight capacity. Using industry-leading AI-empowered technologies, it launches the era of intelligent imaging, offering precise imaging and ease of use throughout the entire clinical spectrum.

16 cm Z-axis Detector Coverage
16 cm Wide Z-detector, 0.5 mm Detector Acquisition in all FOVs.

0.25 s Rotation Speed
To deliver superior temporal resolution, freeze the motion in cardiac imaging, and enable 0.25 second rotation speed, we have a one-piece casted gantry structure integrated with a direct drive motor system providing precise rotation speed control.

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