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Senior Doctor

At Synapse, we offer a comprehensive range of services including, equipment supply, medical planning and interior design, radiation protection, facility management, informatics solutions and maintenance, as well as fit-out and construction services. This holistic approach allows us to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients, ensuring their healthcare projects are successful and meet the highest standards.

SYNAPSE values collaborative relationships with industry leaders, healthcare providers, technology innovators, and other key players.

By working together, we can leverage collective expertise to address complex challenges and bring about innovative solutions.​


We offer a wide range of maintenance services, including:

Medical device and equipment supply

Medical planning and interior design

Fit-out and construction


A Leading Healthcare Solutions Provider

We offer a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs. From initial planning and design to construction and commissioning, we can take care of every aspect of your project. Our team of medical engineers is highly experienced in designing and overseeing the construction of hospitals and medical centers in accordance with global regulations.

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