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uMR 670 (1.5T)

Reshaping the Performanceof what's 1.5T

uMR 670 (1.5T)

uMR® 670 is the new wide-bore 1.5T system that gives you full confidence to deliver the productive, reliable and comfortable experience that matters in MRI examinations. uAIFI DeepRecon ushers in a new chapter of '3.0T-like' image quality through deep learning-based image reconstruction. Moreover, uAIFI EasySense, the contactless respiratory motion monitoring system, delivers a revolutionary way of preparing abdomen scanning and improves patient comfort.

Simultaneously improves SNR and image sharpness
uAIFI DeepRecon: Provides 1.5T System with '3.0T-like' Image Sharpness

Streamlines the workflow and provides more comfort
uAIFI EasySense: Contactless Sensing of Patients' Respiratory Motions

Covers complete clinical examinations
uAIFI Qscan: Quiet Scanningfor whole body

uAIFI Technology
uAIFI Technology includes a series of innovations: EasySense, the industry's first dual-source phased array millimeter-wave contactless respiratory motion sensing technology; DeepRecon, a deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technique technology; as well as QScan, quiet scanning technology for whole body.The uAIFI Technology will provide the uMR® 670 with significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and improved user experience.

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