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uMR 588 (1.5T)

uCS® 1.5T MR

uMR 588 (1.5T)

For the first time in the 1.5T field, uMR® 588 is equipped with uCS® imaging platform, which enables whole-body high speed imaging, 2s/phase abdominal dynamic multi-phase enhancement and high-resolution diffusion imaging, leading 1.5T into a new era of whole-body compressed sensing.

United Compressed Sensing

Precise Quantification

Intelligent Examination

uAIFI DeepRecon
Deep learning (DL) based image reconstruction technology, simultaneously improving SNR and image sharpness.

Intelligent and Automatic Table Positioning
ONE-click automatic table positioning without using the laser light for head scans.

Automatic multi-step scan planning and image stitching with ONE-click.

Intelligent, automatic, and consistent anatomical orientation.

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